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What does that taste like?

Looks like deer but they are actually members of an animal family that includes goats and oxen. Mild-tasting and finely grained, antelope meat is similar to venison. Has one-third the calories of beef.

Similar taste to beef, but rather coarsely textured and sweet. It has significant advantages over beef, it is high in protein and extremely low in cholesterol (approximately 30 percent less than beef), and has about half the calories and fat of beef. Buffalo meat should be cooked slow, low, and not as thoroughly as beef - rare to medium-rare.

Caiman / Croc
The choicest cut is the tail meat which is white and very much like veal in texture.
It tastes somewhere between chicken and rabbit, with perhaps a hint of frog legs.
Can be used in jambalayas, soups, and stews.

Camel meat is very lean, and has a similar look to beef.
I find the taste to be similar to Llama, a cross between beef and lamb.
This is a very healthy meat, and has become popular with our customers.

Caribou / Reindeer
Its meat is finely grained and resembles veal or antelope in flavor and texture.

Duck - Muscovy
Originating in South America, Muscovy ducks are a breed apart from the rest, the only domestic ducks that are not derived from Mallard stock. They are the finest duck available and have a unique taste that is both meaty and flavorful. It is not greasy and is much more like veal than like poultry. Naturally thin skinned, the breast meat is 99% lean. The skin of the duck has 50% less fat than that of the Moulard or Pekin varieties.

Second largest member of the deer family. Elk is very dark and coarsely grained.
It can be described as the sweetest of the deer meats. Elk can be cooked in the same way as venison. Ours is grass-fed - very tender and succulent.

This meat has a sweetness and is high in iron. Kangaroo meat has a flavor that is compared to a fine Ostrich fillet. Kangaroo is a very lean red meat containing only 2% fat. It is also mild in flavor and best when cooked medium rare over a high heat Brush with olive oil before pan sautéing, baking or barbecuing.

Its flavor is like a cross between beef and lamb, but slightly sweet.
Was the first jerky; or charqui, as the Inca called it.

A lean, tender red meat with a light, delicate flavor similar to prime quality beef. Ostrich is extremely low in fat, with very little cholesterol. The best cooking methods are sautéing or quickly grilling over hot coals to medium rare.

One of the most popular of game birds. Pheasant has pinkish white meat.
The delicate flavor of farm-raised pheasant is subtle and pleasant,
with a discernable trace of apple in many cases.

Low in fat, low in calories and low in cholesterol. Venison is darker red and more richly flavored than beef. Farm–raised venison does not have the gamey taste of wild venison. Cook quickly over high heat and serve rare or medium rare.

Wild Boar
Meat has a sweet, nutty, and intense flavor. It is leaner and deeper red than pork.
The meat of the young boar is very tender. Wild boar meat may be prepared like pork.
Do not overcook as this may toughen the meat.

The meat is deep-red in color with the fat located on the outside
where it can be easily trimmed. This makes for low marbling which
creates the meat's unique tenderness. The taste of Yak is best described
as beef-like, but more delicate in flavor. High in protein, with one sixth
the fat of beef, Yak is of a quality of excellence to be appreciated.

Because of it's high Omega 3 oil, Conjugated Linoleic Acid,
Oleic Acid, and Stearic Acid content (35% higher than beef!)
it remains very juicy when cooked unlike most game or other
exotic meats such as buffalo. Yak meat is higher in protein, minerals,
and vitamins than beef while remaining much lower in saturated fats,
cholesteral, triglycerides, and calories than beef. In addition,
yak has a very low, 30% less than beef, percentage of Palmitic Acid
which has been found to be harmful to humans.